[cc65] question installing cc65

From: xucaen <xucaen1comcast.net>
Date: 2005-08-28 23:06:48
Hi, quick question about installing cc65 in a linix PC. I guess all I
really need to know is a what files belong in which directories after
install. I followed the compiling instructions from compile.txt 
and all went well. 
I tried "make install" expecting that the executables and libraries would 
be installed to /usr/bin for the binaries, /usr/lib/cc65/include 
for include files and /usr/lib/cc65/lib for libraries and startup files. 
When these files did not get installed, I thought I would copy them 
in manually. I went through the src directory and copied all the executables 
to /usr/bin. Then I copied the entire contents of the include directory 
into /usr/lib/cc65/include. I don't know what libraries to copy and to where? 
The compile.txt says there should be a  /usr/lib/cc65/lib but 
I'm not sure which files to copy into there. 
Any assistance you could throw my way is greatly appreciated.



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