Re: [cc65] compile problem of current snapshot

From: MagerValp <>
Date: 2005-08-26 09:08:04
I just tested the latest snapshot (with gcc 3.4.4 on Cygwin), and:

  install-test that checks for root privilieges is unnecessary. On
  Cygwin it just doesn't work (there is no root user), and on many
  unix systems it's not necessary to be root to install things -
  especially if you change the prefix.

  install does not depend on all. Maybe this is by design though? I
  guess it avoids the old problem of libraries being built twice if
  you do make all && make install.

  inttypes.h generates a type conflict for intmax_t. I have stdint.h,
  but GCC doesn't define __STDC_VERSION__, as I guess it defaults to
  C89 with GNU extensions. To enable C99, you have to add -std=c99 or
  -std=gnu99 to the commandline, but since every makefile in the src
  directory explicitly sets CFLAGS, there's no way of doing this. Some
  way of inheriting CFLAGS from the main makefile would be good (and
  ditto for CC).

  A small check for smgl2html would make the makefile terminate with a
  nicer message on systems without SGML-Tools:

      -@sgml2html > /dev/null 2>&1 && $(MAKE) -C doc html || echo \
      'SGML-Tools not installed, skipping docs'

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