Re: [cc65] include file search path

From: MagerValp <>
Date: 2005-08-18 13:32:33
>>>>> "UvB" == Ullrich von Bassewitz <> writes:

UvB> The changes necessary to support gccs search pattern don't fit
UvB> easily into the existing code (it assumes a more or less static
UvB> list of search paths), so I would be glad, if you could consider
UvB> using -Isimplemenu again :-)

Of course, it was easy enough to add it to the Makefile.

UvB> BTW: Is there a more detailed description of the search
UvB> algorithm?

From section 2.3 in the gcc docs:

  "GCC looks for headers requested with #include "file" first in the
  directory containing the current file, then in the directories as
  specified by -iquote options, then in the same places it would have
  looked for a header requested with angle brackets. For example, if
  /usr/include/sys/stat.h contains #include "types.h", GCC looks for
  types.h first in /usr/include/sys, then in its usual search path."

OS> if somebody could (re-)describe the scenario in question I'd check
OS> it out with MS VS.NET 2003.

I'm using the following source and include files:


main.c has the line:

  #include "simplemenu/menu.h"

simplemenu/menu.c has the line:

  #include "screen.h"

gcc finds screen.h in simplemenu. cc65 only searches in the root

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