Re: [cc65] Arrays of structs

From: 42Bastian Schick <>
Date: 2005-08-17 06:07:20
>> program won't run anyway. Which in turn means that one should only use
>> uint8_t if it's an absolute requirement to have a datatype with exactly 
>> 8
>> bits. Otherwise it's better to use uint_least8_t, which has at least 8 
>> bits
>> and is a required type.
> mmmh ok, not so great excuse then :) i still prefer my u8/u16/u32 types, 
> i'm lazy with typing :=)

Me too :-), and I have sources that have to compile with about 15
ompilers from 8 to 64bit CPUs, so having "company standard" types
like u8/u16/u32 that maybe are just typedefs of uint8_t are more portable.


42Bastian Schick
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