[cc65] PETSCII Translation

From: Payton Byrd <kingdurin1yahoo.com>
Date: 2005-07-29 06:12:27
Does anyone here have a good lookup map for PETSCII to
ASCII and vice-versa?  I've been trying to use the
arrays from Craig Bruce's PETCOM, but there's just
tons of problems with it and now I'm just about lost
sitting here with the C128 PRG and trying to figure
out the nuances of codes 192-223 and whether they
should be twisted to the 96-127 range, or if I should
leave them alone.  

The problem is that if I twist them to 96-127, then
when they get twisted from ASCII to PETSCII they don't
wind up with the original PETSCII values and so my
unit tests fail.  I was able to tweak the tables to
pass my unit tests, but then when I wound up with a
reverse twist from the 96-127 range to 192-223 when
that's not what was intended.

If anyone knows where there's a good PETSCII chart
that shows all 255 characters and for both character
sets, I'd be greatly appreciative.


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