[cc65] New features

From: Ullrich von Bassewitz <uz1musoftware.de>
Date: 2005-07-26 23:18:44
Things added recently that would need some testing:

  * The compiler will now support variadic macros as defined in the C99
    language standard. This means that things like

        #ifdef DEBUGGING_ENABLED
        #  define DEBUG(format, ...)    printf (format, __VA_ARGS__)
        #  define DEBUG(format, ...)

    should now work.

  * Symbols may be given on the linker command line using

        -D sym=value


        --define sym=value

    Please note that cl65 will not handle linker symbols. Using -Dxxx on the
    cl65 command line will just pass the symbol to the compiler, because this
    is the most common use.

  * The SYMBOLS section allows to define another attribute named "weak". Weak
    symbols may be overriden from the command line. To support this feature,
    the syntax of the SYMBOLS section has changed (it is more like the other
    sections now):

        SYMBOLS {
            symbol_name: value = $1000, weak = yes;

    The old syntax is still supported, so existing configuration files will
    continue to work. The default for symbols defined in the config file is to
    be strong - an attempt to override these symbols from the command line
    will lead to an error.

Maybe the existing __STACKSIZE__ symbols should be made weak, so they can be
redefined from the command line if necessary.

As usual, feedback is appreciated!



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