[cc65] Atari "tgi" again :)

From: Fatih <cyco1301yahoo.com>
Date: 2005-07-23 04:58:26

It seems that tgi mode to file name mapping won't work
in Atari platform.

"tgi_mode_table" maps the graphics mode constants to
driver file names. As far as I know (I looked at the
library codes) Atari platform has no default path. So
the file name should begin with a disk drive
specification. If we define for example
<TGI_MODE_320_200_2="atari-hi.tgi">, it won't work. We
have to make it "D1:atari-hi.tgi" or something
similar. But then, we cannot load the driver form
"D2:" or other device, even if the main program was
loaded from "D2:" or other device. Most Ataris don't
have a second disk drive but if you use a disk drive
simulator, it IS a problem...

I think that other platforms may have this problem
too. If so, it is not a real problem :)


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