Re: [cc65] Problems with Atari zeropage variables

From: Maciej Witkowiak <>
Date: 2005-07-23 01:02:40
Greg King dnia 22 lip 2005 o 15:26 -0400 napisal:
> I think that it's backwards!  I think that the compiler's pseudo-registers
> should be the objects that are put into a specially named segment
> (.segment "CC65ZP":zp).  Then, .zeropage can be used for whatever other
> zero-page variables a programmer wants to put into a library or program --
> ".zeropage" is easier for us to remember than the spelling of some special
> name.

Isn't that because ".zeropage" is for user and his asm programs while "EXTZP"
for standard library? Then it would be a bug in the library to use


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