Re: [cc65] To Atari platform coordinator

From: Christian Groessler <>
Date: 2005-07-12 20:09:03

On Mon, 11 Jul 2005, Fatih AygŁn wrote:

> Though I'm not a first class C programmer, I own an
> Atari 800XL and I feel fairly skilled at 6502 assembly
> programming and at Atari 8-bit platform.

You don't need much C :-)
To improve the runtime library assembler skills and a knowledge of the
platform are most important.

> I want to contribute to this great project, so if
> there's anything that I can do please let me know.

That's a very general question and a nice offer. But the answer depends
on how deep you want to dig into the code.

What always helps is simply using the compiler (OK, then you need a bit of
C), and reporting any problems or awkward things you encounter. Maybe
these are bugs which need to be fixed.

If you want to improve the Atari runtime lib, I can think of some
things which are missing in the current version:

	- implement missing dio_query_sectcount function. This is less
	  coding but more research of the different disk formats and how
	  to detect them.

	- implement joystick drivers for the Atari touch tablet or the
	  trackball (here it helps very much if you own these peripherals

	- implement graphics drivers for the different display modes.
	  Probably the most interesting are 160x192x4 and 320x192x2, but
	  having other resolutions would also be nice.

	- convert the RS232 driver to the new interface

Surely I've missed something, if you want to improve or implement
anything besides these items, don't hesitate to contact me.


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