Re: [cc65] Atari executables w/ AtariMax flashcart

From: Carsten Strotmann <>
Date: 2005-03-31 08:42:50
> Here:
> The diagram shows the flow at startup.  My
> understanding is that the AtariMax cartridge is using
> the init vector to run the exe menu.  If that is the
> case, E: is not opened.  I will have to double check
> that though!

Hmm, I'm  not at home, so I cannot prove my view on real hardware with 
an AtariMax Flashcart. I had the same problem with my Forth System when 
I stored the Forth on the AtariMax. The Forth Systm also expects 
channel (IOCB) 0 to be open for screen output. All I needed to do was 
to restore the original Displaylist, and everything worked fine.

> It may be as Carsten says, and all we really need to
> do is restore the default display list (although, when
> the AtariMax cart loads an exe file, it then turns
> itself off so the display list and screen memory
> should then be at BCxx instead of 9Cxx.)

Yes, this might be the case, that the displaylist and the screen memory 
are still on $9c00. I need to check that once I'm back home. Also, this 
should be fixed (or implemented as an option) in the AtariMax software.

If Shawn is working with a new AtariMax Prototype, we might see a new 
AtariMax Software release anyway :) (I'm really curious)

Best regards


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