Re: [cc65] Target "BBC"

From: Kolja Nikolaus Sträter <>
Date: 2005-03-30 14:55:47
Ullrich von Bassewitz wrote:

> Well, in some places the code could definitely be clearer, but thanks
> anyway:-) Especially in support for the platforms, there's quite some help
> from other people (hint, hint! :-)
Sure, but I think you're being modest. I have looked through the code 
quite a bit, and I like it.
And anyway it's such a great thing to be able to write programs in 
almost-complete C, although it'd sure be nice to have floats :-) (but 
not essential for me).

> Since the linker config does already exist, the only thing needed to get
> simple programs running is the necessary startup code. Writing it should be
> easy with some knowledge about the machine and a look at the startup code of
> the other platforms. If you have the startup code, most of the C library will
> work, since it is platform independent. You can then add more support (conio,
> ...) later.
Of course I noticed the BBC isn't on the supported list, but it might 
have been a recent addition and not found it's way into the docs, the 
existence of (just) the config is a bit confusing in that respect.

I was looking at the code for the VC20, and about to follow the path you 
describe, but then I thought isn't it quite likely somebody would have 
done this already. Actually now Jonathan responded, and I saw his BBC 
Basic site, I'm sure the reason it hasn't been done for the BBC yet, is 
that BBC Basic was just such a well designed Basic (which comes down to 
all the interesting people at Acorn working on the 6502 and BBC-Basic in 
the early 80s). Retro-people perhaps haven't been as inclined to write 
in C as they have for other platforms.

> If you start working on bbc support, and want your changes to go into the
> official distribution, I would strongly suggest that you do that with at least
> some consultation with me. There are guidelines to follow, and it would
> probably be frustrating if I had to refuse your code, because it doesn't fit
> into existing or planned concepts. Second, someone else could work on the same
> goal. Early coordination will prevent later frustration.
The first version of my code won't need much, it's more a 
platform-testing kind of thing (since I'm writing for a load of 
platforms in parallel, only two of which are retro by the way) so this 
isn't worth getting yours or other peoples attention for.

However, if I also port the bigger, second version of my program (which 
I'm planning to do) then I would have to get more things to work, parts 
of conio certainly. If and when that happens I would definitely consult 
with you beforehand, so we can make sure that we don't reinvent wheels.

I'm glad to see, the project is still alive, ie. you're still looking at 
the mailing list. I'm always half expecting for all the retro-things to 
vanish, but then 6502s are still being sold, and emulators are still 
being updated. Quite strange really, if you think about it...

All the best,

Kolja Sträter

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