Re: [cc65] Re: Target "BBC"

From: Kolja Nikolaus Sträter <>
Date: 2005-03-30 08:53:02
Hi Jonathan!

> Come in. Pull up a cat. Help yourself to biscuits. There's still
> some chocolate ones left.
Mmm, yummy! But I think I'll just have the cat, too many holes in my 
teeth by now :-)

> I've been working on putting together the support code to target
> the BBC. I'm a bit busy over the next few weeks (see sig :)), so
> when I can squeeze a bit of time I'll put together what I've done
> so far and let you have a copy.
That's excellent news! I thought somebody must have been working on 
this. To be honest I'm surprised nobody has done it yet, since cc65 has 
been around for a while, and BeebEm for example just had an update again.

Your site: very interesting. Gee, I didn't know there was that much 
interest in BBC Basic (even though I've done a lot of 
retro-web-searching). But pity, your history page is emtpy. It's a bit 
of a strange coincidence for me actually: I've been reading lately on 
this quite interesting Acorn employee Roger->Sophie Wilson who wrote the 
first Basic version for the Atom. That really ought to be on your site 
somewhere (if I haven't missed it).

I'll be looking forward then to your target code. I can see you're going 
to be busy gathering votes! Don't let me wait too long, will you :-)

All the best,

Kolja Straeter

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