Re: [cc65] Atari executables w/ AtariMax flashcart

From: Shawn Jefferson <>
Date: 2005-03-29 18:29:00
--- "Carsten Strotmann (Carsten Strotmann private
Mail)" <> wrote:
> I would vote against a change of the Atari runtime
> lib. The runtime lob
> can assume the channel E: is open (or even better,
> channel (IOCB) 0
> being open, so a DOS can redirect screen output to
> any other device).

Yes, I see your point Carsten.  I think a change to
the startup code of the Atari library wouldn't be the
best option.  Christian was going to add a routine to
the library possibly though, and this wouldn't be
linked in, UNLESS you called it.
> IMHO this is a problem (or bug) of the AtariMax
> Cart. As I see the
> problem the channel 0 to E: is still open, but the
> AtariMax Menu will
> switch the DisplayList to a custom one and will not
> switch back. This
> can easily solved in the AtariMax sources, which are
> OpenSource. It we
> send a patch back to Steve Tucker (AtariMax Author)
> I'm sure he will
> release a new, fixed version of the AtariMax
> Software (we should also
> send a patch to use ca65 Assembler instead of TASM).

Is that the issue?  E: isn't initialized until after
the cartridge is run (according to De Re Atari), so as
far as I can tell, E: never gets initialized at all
with ANY cartridge.  Which doesn't seem like a bug to
me, but just the way the Atari OS works.

> I don't have much time these days, but if needed, I
> prepare such patch
> for Steve.

I'm looking to solve a specific problem, so I may just
make this change to the source code for this
particular cartridge type (not the 1Mb or 8Mb
cartridges, but a new maxflash cartridge that I have a
prototype of.)

Shawn Jefferson

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