[cc65] New windows installer for cc65

From: Ullrich von Bassewitz <uz1musoftware.de>
Date: 2005-03-26 00:07:48
I've added a poor mans windows installer/uninstaller to cc65. It consists of
two visual basic scripts for the scripting host that comes with newer windows
versions. While the installer is not as luxurious as something based on MSI,
it has a few advantages. It is

  * easy to understand,

  * open (the scripts are visual basic code),

  * and it doesn't need a windows system for packaging (I cannot use something
    MSI based for the daily snapshots).

There are also some disadvantages:

  * It is not possible to build one big executable archive. It is necessary to
    download the zip files and unpack them, then start the installer.

  * VBS is limited in several respects, especially when it comes to dialogues.
    So it just asks a few simple yes/no questions and then does its work.

  * As it is common when programming for windows, some tricks are needed to
    make things work. "Tricks" means, using things not documented by
    Microsoft. Which in turn means, that the installer may not work on some
    windows versions or in some environments.

How to use the installer:

  * Download the packages you would like to install.

  * Unzip them into a temporary directory.

  * Be sure to remove any existing cc65 packages and environment entries.

  * Double click on the "install.vbs" file (you must be Administrator or have
    Administrator permissions for the script to work).

The installer will add a few entries to the start menu, register the package,
so it can be uninstalled from "control panel -> software", and add the
necessary environment entries, so you don't have to modify the environment
manually. Once the installer is done, you should be able to readily use the
tools from the package.

The uninstaller (available from "control panel -> software" or the start menu)
will remove all files including the registry entries. One exception is
currently the Path setting, but it does not really harm and can be fixed

If you want to know what the installer does, just open the .vbs files in your
favourite text editor.

If you're a windows user, please let me know if the installer works for you.
Without feedback I have to assume that anything is well, or that no one is
really interested.

The installer is part of the daily snapshot, which is available from the FTP



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