Re: [cc65] printf for ca65

From: Ullrich von Bassewitz <>
Date: 2005-03-24 16:10:30
On Thu, Mar 24, 2005 at 01:14:22PM +0100, MagerValp wrote:
> Ah, cool. Have groepaz (or someone else) talked to you about the
> Windows cross compiler you're using? 

No, I haven't heard about it. Maybe people thought it wouldn't be important
for me to know:-)

> People have reported problems
> with commandline args, but since I compile the binaries myself, I
> haven't checked it out.
They're right. There's a special module named wildargv that needs to be linked
to the executable to add wildcard expansion. This module is copyrighted so I
cannot add it to the sources. The nightly build uses what is in the source
archive, which means it doesn't link in the wildargv module. I will try to
find a solution for it.

> Also, who is it that makes the nice windows
> installer? Maybe that could be on the official download page.

That's difficult, because it's not under my control, so it wouldn't
necessarily match the other builds. But I would be happy to add a link.

> I'm always trying to get people to ditch turboass and convert to cc65,
> but most of the time people have problems just installing everything :/

I'm pretty sure I cannot resolve all issues, but it's even more difficult if
people don't tell me about problems:-) cc65 has a lot of features, and
therefore it's not the tool for everybody. But if there are real problems, I
would be glad to know about it.

> That reminds me, I should revisit the 80-column code for the C128...

I don't remember anyone complaining. Are there known issues?



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