Re: [cc65] Apple2 file io - here: memory management questions

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2004-08-02 09:20:10

>    4. open file used in 2, seek to eof+n, write x bytes and close.
>       open file & read
> Goal: test current seek
>       also part of mode test (w+ or a)
>    5. open file used in 2, seek beyond eof, write x bytes, seek to
> begining and read x bytes.
> Goal: test absolute seek & file extension.

Sorry if I'm again thinking too far for the first shot, but from my
experience in file i/o libraries (at work I'm working on a Classlibrary for
a Java Virtual Machine) it would make sense to add tests with eof and/or n
being > $FFFF.


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