Re: [cc65] Apple2 file io - here: memory management questions

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2004-07-31 10:55:50

> >>Problem: What if developers don't want a DOS link ? A nodos directory
> >>with __dos_quit ?

> >Sorry, but I simply don't know what a "DOS link" is :-(

> Sorry,  what if developers do not want to use DOS (no file capability)?
> They want to re-claim the memory used by the DOS library for more data
> or bigger code.  By coding a dos_quit function and not linking any DOS
> library the linker will output an error.

Shouldn't it be enough to put the dos_quit function into its own object
file? Then the linker will pull in only that file/function.

> >How do you want to make use of RAMLOW?

> .bss and or .data ?

And what if it doesn't fit in there completely? The problem is to create a
generic .cfg file that's independent from how CODE, RODATA, DATA and BSS are
relatively weighted.


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