[cc65] problem with cl65 command line

From: Christian Groessler <chris1groessler.org>
Date: 2004-06-02 22:46:07
Hi Uz,

when I compile an Atari program, I get different results depending on
where in the command line I put the -tatari switch.

This works
cl65 -tatari offsetof.c -o /tmp/xxx.com

this not quite
cl65 offsetof.c -tatari -o /tmp/xxx.com

Both commands give a valid Atari exe file (so the correct linker
script and libraries were used), but in the second one the character
translation is not done correctly. The test program contains some
printfs use 0x13 as EOL char where it should be 0x9b for the Atari.

"cl65 -h" suggests that options must appear before the files but the
-o at the end also works and cl65 doesn't try to compile a "-o" file


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