Re: [cc65] Assembler code in C

From: Apple2Stuff <>
Date: 2004-03-20 22:47:43
I have a genreal question about stacks used in cc65..

The C stack is used for parameter passing between C functions? Correct?

Can I manipulate the hardware stack with out messing up access to the C
stack? If I need to do a PHP and PLP will that cause problems?

I am calling assembler routines (which may or may not have been generated by
cc65) from C and coming from a background where I wrote one or the other I
am getting a  little bit confused about what I can touch.

Time to write some test code to figure this out   :O)

I noticed in the debug window the C stack is always displayed two bytes wide
... is the C stack always accessed 2 bytes at a time?


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