Re: [cc65] Spring Commodore EXPO 2004 News

From: Todd Elliott <>
Date: 2004-03-12 22:39:25

On Thu, 11 Mar 2004, Ullrich von Bassewitz wrote:
> This looks interesting. Since I will not be able to attend, maybe you can help
> to cure my curiosity and tell me what you did with geoPublish. You didn't
> rewrite it in C, did you? :-)
Hate to disappoint C fans everywhere, but I used straight 6502 ASM under
the cc65 programming suite for my geoPublish programming efforts.

Basically, I'm patching geoPublish a bit, improving some code here and
there. I would estimate that I have rewritten around 5Kb of 6502 code for
geoPublish. At 99Kb, geoPublish has a lot of code, and the cc65 suite
makes it more manageable. For example, I use DA65 to disassemble some
individual VLIR records of geoPublish and by large, it does do a good job!
The ca65 assembler is powerful and quick enough for me to add/modify
certain code for geoPublish and to create new versions.

Thank you for your efforts in coding cc65! It can certainly cut down
the development cycle of even huge GEOS projects, rendering them to be
mere hobbyist programming pleasures. :) Now, if there was a GEOS splitter
function, it'll be otherwise perfect. :)

Todd Elliott
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