RE: [cc65] Error: Incompatible pointer types

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From: Raj Wurttemberg (
Date: 2003-11-23 22:14:58

Hey Uz,

I'm trying to get user input like below:

  int intNum;
  printf ("Enter an number: ");
  scanf ("%d", &intNum);
  printf ("You entered the number: %d\n", intNum);

This is the example from the book. Nothing complicated. :) All of the
examples in my C books show the scanf like above. Is it different for cc65?
The example compiles fine under gcc and g++. Please bare with me... my
background is VB and ASP from the M$ world. I'm going through one of the
"Teach Yourself C", books. :)

How should I code the above to work with cc65 (c64 target)?


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