Re: [cc65] testsuite updated

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From: carlos (
Date: 2003-11-20 14:19:04

Hello Ullrich,

    the randomnumber generator which i sent to the list some days ago,
output 16bit numbers instead of 32
    bit ones. That seems to result from a missing "int" in the expression
    "long unsigned"  at the top of the function genrand(). It seems to be
intepreted just as "unsigned int".
    Is this something, which different compilers treat differently? Is this
the reason that you never should
    write just "unsigned" without "int"?
    I attached the listing again, but please don't bughunt. It is working
now. Perhaps you can remove the
    "int" after the usigned also at the global variables, and see that the
output is now 16bit.

    Just want to tell about this. Please don't think i want you to track
bugs of other people.
    It's just, that you can't think about it, if i don't inform you about
these things.
    So please excuse me.

Greetings Carlos

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