Re: [cc65] Unable to include binaries at a particular address

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From: Game 64 - Benjamin Bahnsen (
Date: 2003-11-17 01:54:05


> Please note that it is your job to make sure the resulting data is loaded
> $5000. Anything the linker will do for you is to relocate the data in the
> segment named "SOUND" to the address $5000 and write it to the given file.
> example, if you just have this segment in your config file, and then load
> resulting binary to $1000, it won't work. While the linker can prepare the
> data so it is able to run at the given address, it cannot load it to that
> address. The standard setup for the C64 is to load the generated program
> $801 (the BASIC start). The linker is used to relocate the data for this
> address, and the startup code will take all necessary steps to initialize
> necessary stuff so the program can run. If you want something special
> loading something to $5000), you will have to do that yourself.

Aaah, i see.

> Is there really a reason to load the data to $5000? If so, you will
> have to use your own linker and startup file, or write the data to a
> file that is loaded from within your program to the this address. While
> is possible, I wouldn't suggest this for a first time project, especially
> you don't really need it.
I don't want to do without music - and Trackers unfortunately don't produce
relocatable assembler source code. But loading within the program was no
problem, so everything works now.
By the way, is there a faster way to load data than using fopen and fread?


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