RE: [cc65] C64 screen display codes with cc65?

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From: Wurttemberg, Raj (
Date: 2003-11-14 22:27:08

WR> In this instance, speed is not really that critical. For example
WR> how would I print a solid circle (PETSCII set 1 code 81) with
WR> printf()?

> Same way you do in basic or assembler. printf just takes a slightly
> roundabout way to $ffd2.

Could you post an example of displaying PETSCII characters with printf()?
Everything I have tried from the table on 376-378 has failed to generate any
PETSCII characters. I'm sure this is just my lack of understanding of cc65
(and C).

> So what exactly are you trying to accomplish? Or are you just testing
> things?

I'm just trying to display some PETSCII characters. Not exactly testing...
Learning is more like it. :) As you posted on the newsgroups, using cc65 is
much faster that working with Power C or Super C.


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