[cc65] Sunplus target support

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From: Wallace White (wallacewhite_at_yahoo.com)
Date: 2003-11-06 02:19:13

Hi -

I'm starting to develop an application on a Sunplus SPL11A / 12A
microcontroller, which is said to support the full 6502 instruction
set. (I've never done any 6502 programming on something other than
these Sunplus parts, so I really don't know how similar they are.)

Does cc65 support Sunplus as a target? I found a discussion from 2000
on this mailing list about Sunplus but I wasn't sure what the answer
was. It would be great to have a C compiler.

I see that the ca65 assembler has a switch for Sunplus... Sunplus' own
assembler is fine with me, but I'll take ca65 if that's what cc65


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