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From: Ullrich von Bassewitz (
Date: 2003-11-03 23:37:00

On Tue, Aug 05, 2003 at 04:23:14PM +0200, Adam Dunkels wrote:
> > > UvB> Unemcumbered with these facts I'm willing to add an install
> > > UvB> target if there is a need for it. So people compiling the package
> > > UvB> on a Unix like operating system, who would prefer to have a "make
> > > UvB> install", please speak up.
> > >
> > > Yes please, I'd love one, as I'm using cygwin and MacOS X.
> >
> > me too, even if i am using linux :o)
> Me too, but FreeBSD :-)

Ok, a first version is available and should be in the next snapshot. It has
some shortcomings, but at least there is something, so that people can start

The makefile follows the rules for the other makefiles, it's located in a
make/ subdirectory and named gcc.mak, so you need to say

   	make -f make/gcc.mak

(and don't forget to change the $(PREFIX) variable according to your needs).



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