Re: [cc65] c64 autostart code

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From: David Holz (
Date: 2003-10-30 07:47:30

From: "MagerValp" <>
> Just in case someone wants to make autostarting c64 code with ca65,
> here's how I did it. Assemble with cl65 -t none -C autostart.cfg
> autostart.s. Thanks again Uz for helping me with ld65 :)

Aren't -C and -t supposed to be incompatible?  At least, using -C implies
"-t none".

I got around that kludgy start address stuff by modifying the ld65 source to
give a "sa" flag in the MEMORY section, that will simply output the start
address before the memory chunk.  Is this something you'd want patched into
the sources, Uz?

    start = $02a7
    size  = $0059
    sa    = yes
    file  = "bin/boot";

White Flame (aka David Holz)

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