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From: Greg King (
Date: 2003-05-06 01:48:50

From: Ullrich von Bassewitz
Date: Monday, May 05, 2003, 04:14 AM
> On Sun, May 04, 2003, at 04:19:10PM -0400, Greg King wrote:
> > I prefer the Unix style.
> But, it's rather hard to parse.  A few hundred bytes just for handling
> file-names.  Maybe if it is common code with every byte squeezed out
> of it.

On CBM targets, only two things need to be parsed:  "unit#" and "drive#".

If the first non-space character is a slash, then everything between that
slash and the next one is a device-number.  All text after that second
slash is sent to the drive's DOS.

If there is no colon in the string, then insert a "0:".  Start at the end;
scan backward until a slash or the beginning is seen, put "0:" there.

It is as easy to parse as any naming-style could be.

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