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From: karri (
Date: 2003-05-03 13:03:56


I wrote yesterday som start for the Lynx file I/O code. My problem is that
I do not know the new cc65 architecture well enough yet.

The Lynx is a special creature and it has very different file I/O:s.
There is no keyboard support, just a joypad.

The memories available are a 128 byte EEPROM and a ROM cart space that can
be equipped by ROM, SRAM or Flash memory.

This brings up a need for very different models for the file I/O.
In an EEPROM I need just a byte to address the whole chip. In an Intel
StrataFlash I can access 1MB of R/W memory so 16 bit is not enough...

Is this treated by having "loadable modules" somehow? Or should I just use
a huge bunch of IFDEF's and write just one module?

The point is that you have to choose your hardware first and then you need
certain support routines. There is no sense to have dynamically loadable
modules for EEPROM support if there in no EEPROM on the board.

So my hand if half way up.


On Fri, 2 May 2003, Ullrich von Bassewitz wrote: > Hi!
> Bastian Schick (who did the cc65 Lynx compiler) has officially stated that he
> doesn't claim any copyright for the libraries he wrote for his compiler, so
> the code may be used to create a lynx port.
> For me, this raises the question who worked/is working on such a port, and if
> anyone has already converted Bastians code. Could anyone still working on Lynx
> code please raise his/her hands, so I'm not led into temptation to do it
> myself:-)
> Regards
>         Uz

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