Re: [cc65] Fastload cartrdidge for 64

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From: Groepaz (
Date: 2003-03-18 22:29:51

On Tuesday 18 March 2003 22:13, Bryan Pope wrote:
> And thusly Greg Long spake:
> > I appologize if this is a on the edge of being off-topic, but would
> > anyone know where to find any actual Epyx Fastload cartridges? ebay is
> > turning up short.  For a long time friend and programmer reviving his
> > interest in the 64, he just acquired an SX 64 at a church sale for $10.
> >
> > Greg
> Another option would be CMD's JiffyDOS from Maurice Randall.  His website
> is at

or get the retro-replay...more useful for a coder i guess...
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