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From: Tim Schürmann (
Date: 2003-03-16 10:39:47


Ullrich von Bassewitz schrieb:

> On Sat, Mar 15, 2003 at 05:08:34PM +0100, Tim Schürmann wrote:
> > Now, i have another problem: after switching to the upper memory, cursor(1) has
> > a strange behavior. On each screen-position it shows a diffrent charcter. Is
> > this correct or did i something wrong?
> I cannot really imagine how this error looks, and I don't know which memory
> area is used for the character set, so I cannot comment on that.

I've done some tests and wrote a little testing-program.
When you run it, you can see that the chars are correct (in the testphrase; even the
lower-case charset is there if you switch to it by pressing C= and Shift). But if you
try to type the letter "t", the cursor looks not very normal. To see the difference,
delete the "copy"-part in the beginning.
It don't matter where you place the charset and the screen (under the kernal): the
result is the same.
btw: when i use the memory-configuration from the plasma.c demo (screen at $e000,
char at $e800), the lower-case charset is gone or messed up. Does anybody know why?

----- snipp ----

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <conio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <6502.h> /* for CLI and SEI-macros */

/* POKE and PEEK macros */
#define POKE(A,X) (*(unsigned char *)A) = (X)
#define PEEK(A) (*(unsigned char *)A)

int main (void)

 /* do some colour tings */
 bordercolor (COLOR_BLACK);
 bgcolor (COLOR_BLACK);
 textcolor (COLOR_GRAY3);

 /* move the screen to upper memory */

 /* copy chars to upper memory */
 SEI (); /* disable interrupts */
 POKE(1, PEEK(1)&251); /* turn chars on */
  memcpy((void*)0xe000, (void*)0xd000, ((256*8)*2)); /* copy chaset to $e000*/
 POKE(1, PEEK(1)|4); /* turn on I/O */
 CLI (); /* enable interrupts */

 /* tell vic new adresses */
 POKE(0xdd00, (PEEK(0xdd00)&252)|0 ); /* move VIC-bank to $c000 (bank 3) */
 POKE(0xd018, (PEEK(0xd018)&15)|192 ); /* screen to $f000 */
 POKE(648,240); /* tell kernal new screen-adress */

 POKE(0xd018, (PEEK(0xd018)&240)|8 ); /* tell vic where the chars are */

 /* do some input-stuff to show the cursor problems */

 cprintf("testphrase: abcde12345-ABCDE");

     while (!0) {
  cprintf("%c", cgetc());



--- snap -------------



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