Re: [cc65] non-ANSI extensions and initialized structures

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From: Maciej Witkowiak (
Date: 2003-03-16 01:12:58

Ullrich von Bassewitz dnia 16 mar 2003 o 00:47 +0100 napisał:
> > It worked with the thing I had here. Not v2.9.0 but probably some later
> > snapshot from cvs (January?).
> I cannot believe that, because it means that the structure you're passing to
> GEOS is completely wrong (not as GEOS expects it, because it has pointers to
> structures instead of the structures itself).

After second look - you are right! That uncommented part I sent at the
beginning was obviously wrong. It seems that I lost my point when trying to
get it compile.

> IMHO, if there is no problem with 2.9.0 then don't fix it. The structure
> definition may be wrong, but if the structure isn't used in this form, then
> there's no real problem.

Because these structures (struct menu too) couldn't be initialized properly
their usage was limited to just using them for data access. Now when compiler
is fixed (I still don't know when it happened) and header is corrected, they
can be used for proper initialization without using "const void blah = { }".
Such example is in current menu.c in samples/geos


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