[cc65] Westwood BBS will live again

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From: Greg Long (greg_at_maneuveringspeed.com)
Date: 2003-03-13 08:32:42

I ran a BBS from 1985-1988 using the HAL9000 software...which I enhanced
quite a bit.  I'll set it up to tun under telnet 'fore too long - gonn
have to wait until mid-April though, too many deadlines at school.

I don't have the software any more sadly, so I will have to modify it
here and there.  the updates were nothing real fancy, mostly remote
administration since it actually ran at a friends' house.  I did add
color/graphics which was popular at the time, increased the message
sizes and added a time/date stamp feature.  I don't see much need to
incorporate the feature which allowed users to tweak both local and
remote 300 baud modems to run up to 450bps :)

Original hardware:  Unexpanded c64, 2 1541 floppies, one 1650-compatible
300baud modem.

will certainly invite everyone  here to check it out, it won't of course
be real practical, but will be more like a historical exhibit.


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