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From: Christian Groessler (
Date: 2003-03-13 01:28:33

On Wed, 12 Mar 2003, Shawn Jefferson wrote:

> >>> Adam Dunkels <> 03/09/03 11:56PM >>>
> >Contiki was written in the C programming language by me (Adam Dunkels)
> >with encouragement, suggestions and support from Ullrich von
> >Bassewitz. The VIC-20 port has been made in cooperation with Anders
> >Carlsson, the Atari 8-bit port in cooperation with Christian
> >Groessler,
> Cool!  What is the status of the Atari port, Christian?

Yesterday evening I've browsed the web with my Atari for the 1st time :-)

But I don't consider the port to the Atari ready yet. I made some serious
hacks in the source to decrease the memory footprint. The selecton of
programs is completely disabled and it jumps directly into the web
browser. Among this I disabled the runtime configuration of the IP address
and name server address. These addresses are currently hardcoded, so you
need to recompile it to adapt it to your configuration :-(

I'd like to have the runtime IP configuration included for a real Atari

The current version loads at $2000 and uses memory up to $BAE4 (stack at
$BC1F). So it doesn't work for e.g. Atari DOS 2.5 (lowest address
available $244C with 4 drives), SpartaDOS works ($1FC0; addresses with R:
handler for 850 loaded).

I'm now looking into using some tiny loader DOS
(MyPicoDOS, where it could be loaded at
$700 (w/o R: handler). But MyPicoDOS cannot yet load both the R: driver
and then the contiki app. So I think I'll try to modify MyPicoDOS to load
the R: driver by itself (should give some final load address at around
$DC0 for contiki).

Another idea is to get more memory by loading the 800 (not xl) BIOS into
RAM which should make the area $C000 to $D000 available (not used by this
BIOS), giving another 4k of RAM.

If you're ready to compile your own version, I can send you my diffs for

> Once its done, I'd be interested in programming some apps/utils for it!  Looks very neat.

The memory is very tight on the Atari, so it's not that straightforward...


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