Re: [cc65] using newline in cprintf on c64

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From: Maciej Witkowiak (
Date: 2003-03-07 00:27:02

Ullrich von Bassewitz dnia 05 mar 2003 o 17:30 +0100 napisał:
> > > You have to use \r\n with the conio functions.
> > Does all conio platforms follow it?
> I hope so:-)

So I ask the last time to be sure[1]: in cc65 conio characters:
does carriage return and does not advance the line
advances the line but does not do carriage return

I see that GEOS conio now does CR+LF for #13 and LF for #10.
That's wrong, right?


[1] I hate such situations :) Just like off-by-one bugs in asm/C code...

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