Re: [cc65] C++ compiler for the 6502/6510 (CC66)?

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From: Groepaz (
Date: 2003-03-06 23:02:17

On Thursday 06 March 2003 16:28, Steve Nicklin wrote:
> Although it's great to be so enthusiastic, I would (personal opinion) much
> rather see people's efforts being concentrated on making what is an already
> great product (CC65) an even better and better product than currently.
> We can always get greedy and want more and more of a range of products, but
> I'd rather see a bug free and more enhanced CC65 than another compiler. Uz
> seems to be working so hard on this, lets get any support right behind him!

i have to second that. there just so many halfassed tools around....cc65 is 
one of the few great exceptions actually. i personally wont discourage anyone 
from writing a c++ compiler (although i wont ever use it, may it ever see the 
light) but i dont think it makes a whole lot of sence... these small machines 
have a hard time with running even ordinary C-compiled programs. and the 
actual c-compiler has enough room for improvements aswell....i'd vote for 
removing these first before even remotely thinking about anything new in that 
respect :)

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