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From: Shawn Jefferson (
Date: 2003-02-25 22:32:46

>There may be problems with some runtime functions. The compiler has knowledge
>about the register usage of most runtime (not C) functions, and register usage
>may be different for a few functions when compiled for the 65C02. If you're
>experiencing difficulties, look out for this.

Could you clarify this for me?  I am running into some problems, namely that simple code that looks good (to me) will not run in Handy.  Sometimes turning on optimizations -O will cause it to start functioning.  Should I compile the runtime stuff without the --cpu 65C02 switch?

Maybe it's time I actually find out the difference between the 6502 and the 65c02.  :)

>First rule when interfacing with assembly functions: Use __fastcall__ whenever
>possible. This will pass the rightmost parameter in registers instead over the
>stack. In the assembly function it is often simpler to use popa/popax, but the
>overhead associated with the function call is also larger. So if you're
>hunting for cycles you should access the stack directly and use incsp() later
>if the alternative is two or more calls to popa/popax.

Most of the lynx library functions are graphics related, so reducing overhead in these would probably be appropriate.  That said, I think I will keep it simple until I have everything ported.  It's at least teaching me a lot about assembly and the Lynx.

>You can also replace
>two calls to popa by one call to popax (the high byte is then in the X

So if I have a function that is somefunc(char a, char b) and use popax I can get both arguments with one call?  The arguements are pushed on the stack a, b so would I be right in assuming that the A register contains b and the X register contains a?

Hmmmm, any reason *not* to use __fastcall__ ?

Another question: I have setup a _mikey.h and _suzy.h file with a struct layout of the hardware address used by those chips (as per the _antic.h file) and I have a #define SUZY (*(struct __suzy *) 0xFC00) in my lynx.h file.  How do I use this structure?  If I do var = SUZY.joystick in my code the compiler complains bitterly.

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