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From: Shawn Jefferson (
Date: 2003-02-19 18:56:24

>>> Ullrich von Bassewitz <> 02/11/03 03:21PM >>>

>But this is nothing, you have to bother about, since you don't need to rely on
>me in this case: Just rewrite the Lynx code and use it under it's original
>license. Since no changes to the compiler are needed this shouldn't be a

You are a genius, Ullrich, to make this compiler so easy to use.  I've managed to write a crt0.s and config file using Bastian Schick's runtime code and the atari crt0.s as templates.  I've converted a couple of the lynx library modules and I can get a program running in Handy!  Whoohoo!  I just compiled the whole runtime directory with -t none --cpu 65C02 and everything looks to be working.

I can even change the lynx library prototypes to suit my own programming style (I prefer all lower case and underscores in the function names) and I can now use your compiler to build C programs for the Lynx.  All that is required is to port the rest of BS's lynx library routines and I'm ready to go.

A question: is it better to use the popa, popax routines rather than manipulate the stack yourself?  I notice that the lynx routines do a lot of this work themselves... I've been converting them to popa, popax since it is easier for me to understand what is going on then (cleaner code.)

Shawn Jefferson

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