Re: [cc65] Lynx target

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From: Groepaz (
Date: 2003-02-12 03:45:14


just wait (if you arent to impatient :=P) until ive finished cleaning up 
tetris... there is a "port" for the NES, and also for the PC-Engine (i 
couldnt resist hehe :)) ... as for how hard it is to port... well, ive ported 
enough of the conio to the NES within a few days (you really need to port a 
couple of files only), convertion to PCEngine was a matter of few hours after 
that - and you probably can modify that conio stuff to work on any console 
that has tiled grafics (should be most) as easy.

mmmhh whatever :) still to busy atm :/

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