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From: Shawn Jefferson (
Date: 2003-02-12 00:02:16

>On Tue, Feb 11, 2003 at 01:06:14PM -0800, Shawn Jefferson wrote:
>> How hard would it be to add the Lynx as a target for cc65 (again?) ?
>This version of cc65 never had a lynx target. There was another version based
>on the old Atari cc65, developed independently by Bastian Schick, which
>generated code for the lynx exclusively. It hasn't been updated for years,
>however. Problem with that version is that most library routines are rather
>non standard and lynx specific.

Yes, most would have to be lynx specific and most of the c libraries are not really needed.  It wouldn't make much sense to port conio.h to the lynx (although you could do it I guess.)  I've been looking at the cc65 lynx port and was thinking that it would be nice to benefit from your work the cc65 compiler and I also don't like the K&R syntax that is used.

>> What would the issues be, if any?
>If you're planing to contribute support for the lynx, please don't use any
>code from the existing lynx compiler (license problems).

Hmmm, what about the lynx libraries?  I wonder what the licensing issues are with that?  Would code from the compiler itself be needed?

Writing it all from scratch would be a significant job.  *sigh*  I may have to just use it as it is.

 Try to support
>existing APIs and don't invent anything new if this is not absolutely
>necessary. The minimum needed is a linker configuration and a startup file.
>With these two it is possible to compile programs, but since there's no I/O
>they are of not much use (the Atmos target is currently in this state). While
>writing the linker config and startup is quite easy (a few minutes if you know
>the machine), I would prefer to have a more complete port. I had added such a
>minimal configuration several times but never got anything else, so I removed
>the stuff later on.

Programming for the lynx would not really require standard i/o stuff.  I was thinking mainly of porting over the existing lynx library to your version of cc65 (reasons stated above.)  Have no idea if that is permissable or possible.

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