[cc65] conio/printf

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From: Shawn Jefferson (sjefferson_at_sd62.bc.ca)
Date: 2002-10-31 21:29:54

I have some strange behaviour in my programs.

I am using conio mainly to output stuff to the screen, but one of my functions is a text input function where I want to turn on the cursor.  The cursor function in conio doesn't seem to work on the Atari, so I am writing direct to the cursor hardware address.  This works, but according to Mapping the Atari you need to do an output to the screen before the cursor change will take effect.  So this function prints a space and then the backspace character via printf which shows up the cursor just fine.

The odd behaviour I am seeing is that randomly a character on this screen may be erased with a space.  This doesn't always happen, and isn't always the same screen coordinate.

I'm thinking that it has something to do with the fact that I am using both conio functions and printf.  Perhaps they maintain a different set of coordinates or something else weird is going on?  It may also have something to do with where the cursor was on the screen when I launch my program (from SpartaDOS.)  Anybody else run across this?

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