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From: Debrune Jérôme (
Date: 2002-10-29 01:16:03


>You mean you want to have the called functions also in the output file? I'm
>sorry, this is impossible, because the compiler does not know about these
>functions. Most of them are written by hand in assembler and then linked to
>the executable.

Hum, yes ... I know, but i was thinking that this kind of tool exists   (As a 
robot) ;
As Trying to go to libsrc/ and get all source files required ...for an asm 
file filled in the tool parameter ....

With lcc65, it generate a source file (I know that lcc65 and cc65 are very 

But a coder, from my ORIC demo group, use this feature in lcc65 to get the 
source file (ASM), optimize it  a lot ... and have a really good "rendering" 
It allows us to have effects running at 16 Mhz on the oric emulator ... with 
C code ... after optimizing, it runs at the same speed at 1 Mhz ... the cpu 
clock of the ORIC !
That it's what we did for the rotozoom in a demo we released 
see (VIP3 for 

Doing that, we can improve the speed ... (2x to 16x)


PS : There is an olschool Coding party in France near Lille (Tourcoing  Near 
I will be there ... It would be nice to see some C64 coders and others too 
... URL :

Debrune Jérôme
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