Re: [cc65] Atari sector size detection

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From: Christian Groessler (
Date: 2002-10-28 23:40:05


On 10/28/2002 08:34:29 AM PST "Shawn Jefferson" wrote:
>>Unfortunately, this doesn't work on the XF551. You will need some more
>>complicated code to do correct density check on the XF551. Please post
>>a message, if you're interested. (SpartaDos can't handle the XF551.)
>There is some arguing that SpartaDOS detects and uses the XF551
>perfectly fine though.  I know I've used mine with it ( >v3.2f)
>before with no troubles. Maybe this code will help you?

I also use a xf551 w/o trouble with SpartaDOS (3.3something).

I will try the code and see how it works. This is still SpartaDOS
specific, I wonder whether there is a non DOS-dependent way...


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