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From: Shawn Jefferson (
Date: 2002-10-24 19:35:18

>Yes, 4 drives are hardcoded, since memory is reserved statically for
>each one.

Ok...  I'll get back to you about recompiling the library.  I'll take a look at this myself first.

It would be a nice feature to not statically assign the structures, but allow somehow the user to set (or override) this behavior.  Does it only effect the dio routines? Maybe we need a dio_init routine or something like that.

>Such a function would be a hack only, since you anyway cannot change
>the sector size. So I won't add it to the cc65 lib.
>As workaround I can provide you a small assembler function which you
>can call to set the sector size by hand, but for the official lib I'd
>like to have a way to autodetect it.

That sounds good.

>Btw, why do you think "Knowing the sector size in my application is
>not a problem?" It depends on which disk the user inserted...

My application is a partition manager for a hard drive interface, and the sector size is set by the user for the partition and is encoded in the partition table, so when I do DIO on a partition I know the sector size, either 128 or 256.

I'll do some research on detecting the sector size... but I think it may be problematic.


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