Re: [cc65] Setting aside Character Set ram

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Date: 2002-10-24 18:57:03

> On Thu, Oct 24, 2002 at 06:16:05PM +0200, wrote:
> > 2: compile the program so it can by started with "sys" and then use some
> > sort of packer on it to make it runable
> Markos mentioned Pucrunch which I think is a nice idea. I'm thinking about
> integrating that into cl65, so cl65 will call pucrunch for you if
> requested.

i'd suggest some kind of flexible interface there.... since there is not
only pucrunch, but also the exomizer (which is _better_ than pucrunch ;=)) and a
bunch of other little packers which might be useful.

btw while we are at it.... some way to get rid of the dodgy cbm-style
loadadress as defined in c64.cfg and moving the .bin=>.prg conversion into a
seperated tool would also be quite useful.... for once, removing the good old
alignment issue - and also making compilation of ROMs (which do not need the
loadadress "header") easier.

anyway, minor crap that is anyways... concentrate on those compiler bugs i'd
say ;=)))

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