Re: [cc65] Memory location E000 and higher

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Date: 2002-10-24 18:12:37

>   * I cannot remember testing this explicitly, but I think I've checked
> the
>     library code for it: If you set the zeropage cells that contain the
> screen
>     address managed by the kernal, even the conio module should work with
> a
>     changed screen address. This is untested however, any feedback would
> be
>     appreciated.

that works fine and with no probs whatsoever actually.... i tried this
before,  and i think one of the examples in my upcoming new snapshot (bloatware at
its best eh? :=P) uses that hackery.

its actually a useful trick to move the screen-memory to some "high" memory
location and then edit the linker script in a way that the $0400-$0800 area
is also used for code (requires some other little changes in startupcode etc
though i think) so you get one additional kilobyte for C code.

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