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From: groepaz (
Date: 2002-10-08 18:43:31

Hello Ullrich,

UvB> As far as I can see, it does not implement POSIX compatible I/O routines,
UvB> which is a problem as I see it, because that means that cc65 would need that,
UvB> too, and not only the low level routines but also the hig level stuff
UvB> (fopen/fread/...) will be platform dependent.

??? please explain... it implements open/close/read/write basically,
and also a ton of (dos/borland style) highlevel routines. also it DOES
work when linked against your highlevel stuff (the NED port uses them
and they seem to work, not extensivly tested though... i wouldnt mind
getting a few more small programs like this which need file i/o and
which might be worth porting...i prefer testing stuff in real
environment instead of writing dumb test routines that is ;)).

dont get confused by my naming sheme... its a bit odd i know ;=)

oh, and maybe that old version is missing certain bits aswell, i dont
remember....been a while since i uploaded that one ,)

>> i was actually waiting for these loadables drivers and some
>> instruction on how to use them so i can test if that filestuff really
>> works as intended ;)

UvB> If you have a recent snapshot, you may want to have a look at the header file
UvB> include/modload.h. It exports the necessary structures and functions to load
UvB> modules at runtime. The libsrc/c64 directory contains a graphics driver for
UvB> 320x200x2 graphics mode, just have a look at the makefile to see how it is
UvB> translated and linked. There's a problem however: Since module loading needs
UvB> disk I/O, and disk I/O is not available for the CBMs, there will no longer be
UvB> loadable modules for the CBMs as soon as I remove the dirty hack I'm currently
UvB> using.

does that mean dropping in open/read/close would do the trick?

UvB> Yes, I've also had some ideas for games. Writing a simple pacman or so
UvB> shouldn't be too much work. But since I'm already way behind schedule with all
UvB> my other projects, I'm glad I never started:-)

hehe i'll do that some time.... actually, i think i have some tetris
for the borland-c conio somewhere, so that should be ported w/o much

Best regards,

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