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From: groepaz (
Date: 2002-10-08 17:49:47

Hello Ullrich,

>> Any news on the f.s. from the other guy?  Any comments on my docs?

UvB> Several people have contacted me with ideas for file support for CBMs.
UvB> However, I don't have any information about usable code (usable in the sense
UvB> that it works with all CBMs and may be used with cc65 without problems). So if
UvB> anyone on the list has already some code, please speak up. The new graphics
UvB> interface uses loadable graphics drivers, so having standard C file routines
UvB> is getting more important in the future, because no file support means either
UvB> special casing or no graphics support.

i have some code.... if you look at the snapshot you can get an idea
of how its designed... however, the current version has many little
bugs fixed (a bunch of those related to compiler problems ;)) and its
actually "almost" useable (that is, works ok for opening ONE file at a
time atm, most standard routines implemented, except seeking -which is
going to be troublesome on cbm drives-)

i was actually waiting for these loadables drivers and some
instruction on how to use them so i can test if that filestuff really
works as intended ;) (especially since that filesystem is supposed to
consist of certain modules by itself, so you can write native drivers
for HD etc pp)

oh, that filesystem currently uses the kernal (jumptable calls only)
so it should be fairly portable to most (all?) other cbm-machines.

i will look into the stuff again when i finished moving... gotta
update to most recent compiler then and get all the stuff compiled (i
have some more things coming up aswell.... a port of "NED" which is
even kindof useable, port of that "bytebench", port of the lcc
compiler-testsuite, some C99-stuff that was missing, c99 testcode ...
(also the floating point stuff that you dont like, its still somewhat
useful though ;=))
i was also considering writing a simple "tetris" using the
conio-module as a programming example, but i havent done that yet :)

Best regards,

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