Re: [cc65] Bank Switching

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From: Shawn Jefferson (
Date: 2002-09-25 17:38:19

>I think you can also free the 4 bytes at $8000, since they're part of
>the load file format, but not loaded into memory. The start address of
>SECHDR doesn't matter. So you could use
>    SECHDR: start = $0, size = $4, file = %O;
>    RAM2: start = $8000, size = $3C1F, file = %O;

I thought I tried that and it put both headers at the beginning of the file... but I just tried it again and it worked just fine.  I must have  made some other mistake last try.  Thanks.

>I don't know whether the  linker complains if HEADER and SECHDR have
>the same start address, if yes, you could take some other value for
>SECHDR start address.

No, it doesn't.

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