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From: Shawn Jefferson (
Date: 2002-09-25 01:13:20

>>> Christian Groessler <> 09/20/02 04:22PM >>>

>So with some linker and segments fiddling, one should be able to make
>RAM2 a separate chunk in the file. The AUTOSTRT chunk should be last
>(unless you know what you do), because I think it's address will be
>called immediately after being loaded, before the remaining chunks get

Ok, I think I succeeded in setting this up with these files:


    ZP: start = $82, size = $7E, type = rw;
    HEADER: start = $0000, size = $6, file = %O;
    RAM1: start = $2000, size = $2000, file = %O;
    BANK: start = $4000, size = $3FFF, type = ro;   # just to show the memory layout, not used
    SECHDR: start = $8000, size = $4, file = %O;
    RAM2: start = $8004, size = $3C1F, file = %O;
    EXEHDR: load = HEADER, type = wprot;
    CODE: load = RAM1, type = wprot, define = yes;
    BSS: load = RAM1, type = bss, define = yes;
    CHKHDR: load = SECHDR, type = wprot;
    RODATA: load = RAM2, type = wprot, define = yes;
    DATA: load = RAM2, type = rw;
    ZEROPAGE: load = ZP, type = zp;
    AUTOSTRT: load = RAM2, type = wprot, define = yes;

and chunk.s:

    .import __RODATA_LOAD__, __AUTOSTRT_LOAD__

    .segment "CHKHDR"
    .word __RODATA_LOAD__
    .word __AUTOSTRT_LOAD__ - 1

From looking at the source code for crt0.s in the atari library, the main header uses the values for CODE and BSS - 1 to create the header, so you are sort of stuck with putting the code and bss (what does that stand for?) in the first memory segment.  Unless there is a way to override this without recompiling the library.  The first segment is the smallest segment... but I guess we could split the code segments with some manual stuff in our C files and that should still work properly with the standard library right?

Anyway, this worked quite well and left the $4000-7FFF section alone from what I can tell.  Thanks Ulrich and Chris for all the information so far!

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